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I have the in app volume set at full volume. With my phone volume all the way up also, I can hear it okay. However, when I try to listen to music, that volume is way too loud. So I turn down the phone volume, but then cannot hear the prompts. I am playing playlist from Play Music app because it does not show up in the app. I am using Half Marathon app (paid version)

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I've had some issues with the voice prompts being barely audible over my own playlist on my iPhone, even though the app voice prompt volume setting was all the way up.


I checked the ringer volume in Settings->Sounds->RINGER AND ALERTS and found that volume set all the way down and I couldn't change it with the volume buttons while the headphones were plugged in (all that changed was the music volume). I changed the ringer volume using the slider in Settings and this seems to have helped a lot!


Hope this helps others!

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