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Haven't seen an update in a while, I'm hoping you kept the motivation after getting back to work. I actually went the opposite, I don't know why. I didn't get out much during the break, but have gotten back to early mornings now that I'm back to work and kids are back in school. If you ever have trouble motivating when it's nasty out, I think about a meme, I think ZenLabs may have posted a while back that read something like: Running your normal route in the rain makes you feel like a complete bad ass. I had some rain pick up this morning, late in my shuffle, and I used it as motivation. Keep up the good work!

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On 12/23/2019 at 8:32 PM, Maz said:

I actually enjoy it when it’s cold as nasty, gives me motivation to move. That is assuming I get up and out of bed! Haha there in lies the challenge. Couple weeks into the 10K and looking to do a half marathon in May. Brutally out of shape and getting my butt kicked. Haha

Damn!! I will make excuses when it's crappy out!! It's tough enough to run when it's "just cold" outside, let alone nasty too!! 

I'm also brutally out of shape, starting with the c25k, then I'll move on to 10k, and my ultimate goal for 2020? A half marathon!

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