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1st time runner


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Hi.  I decided to try the forum. I am excited to become a runner. I am currently at w5d2.  I am so much slower than I was in week 4. I must really run at a granny pace. :P

I have been taking my time, as that is what I read I should do, but I think I can speed walk faster. 

I can use advice. I have a 5k booked (my 1st) on 9/21

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I totally understand.

Back when some of us were conversing on here fairly regularly, week 5 was the hardest. Most of us went back to week 4 several times. I don't know if anyone actually got beyond week 5, because the jump it makes is unrealistic for most people.

After doing week 4 a few times, I just started running and walking as I felt I could, using the Nike app to keep track of my time, distance, and pace. And I started coming on here less and less.

I don't regret using the c25k app. It was incredibly helpful to get me out there when I didn't really want to run. But after week 4, my stamina doesn't match its expectations.

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