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I just completed my first run on this app and I’m super excited to work hard and stick with it!

I am a former collegiate athlete and am not too happy with how I’ve let myself get this far out of shape the last few years. Enough is enough and though it isn’t my immediate goal to get back into my college playing shape, it would be nice to be able to go through drills and explain things to the high school team I’m coaching without being super winded or sore afterward :)

I’m also getting married next summer so I’d like to be comfortable with how I look and feel way before and way after the big day. I’d like to not look back at my photos and wonder what the heck happened to me! 

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped to be in this community and I wish everyone the best of luck with your goals too! We got this!

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Best of luck to you! Weddings are great motivators. Just make sure to enjoy the day for the day no matter where you're at in your body when that time comes. Go get it though!

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