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Dreaming of running with my daughter some day

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Hi, C25K folks!

Anyone else out there working to improve their running so they can try to run with their kid?

I never enjoyed running growing up and didn't really give it much thought when my daughter joined her elementary school's running club several years ago. When her interest in running continued into middle school, I finally started to take more notice. This past school year, when she ran for both her school's cross country and track teams, I started trying to run myself. Though I was originally thinking that we'd run together on weekends, it's a good thing that she has friends in our neighborhood to run with, because, of course, she runs at least twice as fast as I do! I kept running on my own, though.

When I started running, I had told her that we'd run the same 5K race, which we did in May (my 1st, her 8th or so); I completed it by alternating jogging and walking. I got a PR that day about 3 minutes under my previous best time. I also ended up with some very sore hip flexors.

So, now my plan is to keep working until I can truly run a 5K - and one day I may even manage to run with my daughter, at least if she's running easy.

I've got my sights set on a local 5K, run in October.

My current challenges (besides busy life and having to make time to train, which I figure everyone has)?

I have chronic osteoarthritis in my left midfoot, for which I take daily pain meds.I'm not a spring chicken; I'm turning 50 in a few weeks.I'm not overweight, but I am out of shape. All of which I can deal with...

What I could use some tips about are breathing correctly when I run (I don't know how) and preventing/treating hip flexor pain (I'm alternating days running and strength training, but I'm not sure what exercises are best for this).

Thanks to all who read all this and anyone with info to share!


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Sounds like you've got a great plan!

I don't have any experience to help you with your questions. Perhaps there's a running group on Reddit or you can do online searches. This forum can go a long time without conversation, but maybe someone will answer your questions.


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