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Tomorrow I begin


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1 hour ago, JaneX said:

Just finished first day it nearly killed me, and my shins hurt like hell 

But I did it and will carry on

Well done me 

Well done for sure! If your shins hurt, could be "shin splints" and they are ridiculously painful. Been there, done that. It has taken about 4 months to really get past that. Here are 2 things that have made a huge difference 1. Stretch, especially your calf muscles. I can't stress this enough. Make sure they are warmed up. 2. Try wearing calf sleeves. They do help.

Good job and keep moving forward. Remember... a 7 minute mile and a 20 minute mile are still A MILE!!! You will get there.

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Good for you, JaneX, for doing it. :)

I concur that you may need to warm up better. The c25k app has us walking for 5 minutes as a warm-up. If you've been doing that, perhaps you need to walk a little longer (and/or slower) or do some mild stretches, as stretching cold muscles is not necessarily a good thing. (I'm not disagreeing with the previous poster, by the way. I think they are right.)

I have also heard that more supportive shoes can help. I don't have experience with that, though, because I wear minimalist shoes, which is essentially like going barefoot except you're protected from the heat and the cold of the ground.

This may or may not be a factor, but perhaps you could use calcium or magnesium supplements? I know they help muscle cramps, but I don't know about shin splints.

Also, one thing I've noticed for me is that I'm more liable to get shin splints if I'm walking uphill, even if the grade is very low. In other words it may not look like I'm going uphill but I am a little. Totally flat terrain or going downhill doesn't ever seem to do that with me.

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19 minutes ago, Silver Pie said:

Technically, I'm near the end of week 5, but I've repeated weeks 1 and 2, so the app says I'm near the end of week 2. From what I read on these forms it's very common to repeat weeks when you need to. I hope that also give you encouragement.

I repeated week 1 also and I am glad I did. I just started week 3 this morning. I honestly was surprised at myself. My legs are a litle tired this afternoon but that is alright by me... keep at it!

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12 minutes ago, JaneX said:

Thanks guys

My shins hurt when running I don't ache afterwards or next day, I think it may be footwear 

Ahhhh! I had failed to mention something. After a couple months on the treadmill and getting ready to start C25K I went and got fitted (is that a word even lol) for a good pair of shoes. I went into the store with no preconceived idea of what I should get. I ended up buying a pair of Brooks Ghost 11 and let me just say.... never in my life have I had a pair of shoes that made such a huge difference! Best thing I could have ever done. There are all kinds of running shoes so go to a store that specifically sells running shoes. Worth every single penny too ;)

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Downloaded the app about a year ago. Started the C25K got sick and quit, no excuse. Started it again after Christmas and finished. Moved on to the 10K and I just completed one this morning, very happy I did it now I have to work on my time. At 11 min miles and know I need to improve before running one with others. Anyway new to the forums. So hello and any tips would be welcome

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