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  1. I use MFP too but I don't understand how I can connecting to MFP.
  2. Week 1 day 2 Yesterday I did day 2 of week 1 on my elliptical. First I didn't want to do it because I'm not a very sportive person but I am glad that I did it. I want to finish this program on my elliptical. Maybe when I lose some weight and my body is in better shape I will going to like sport but for now it's still difficult. I feel like I have no energy. But I will finish it. And I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible. Well tomorrow I will do day 3. Kamille.
  3. Good luck. I started yesterday but I'm doing this program on my elliptical.
  4. Hello. My name is Kamille and I'm 51 years old. I have to lose 20 kilo for my health. I've a lot of health problems. I'm going to do this program on my elliptical because I don't like to run outside and I have problems with my knees. I know that it will not have the same effect as that I would run outside but that doesn't matter to me. I want to become healthier and want to build up my condition. Are there more people here who are using this app on the elliptical?
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