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50 yr old electronics junky couch potato.

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Turned 50 and decided I wanted to quit smoking and get in shape. That was 8 months ago. I'm finally very serious, as I've realized I spend way too much time on a couch, looking at one form of screen or another for way too many hours every day.  I started by downloading the zen labs c25k, push ups, squats, situps and 7 minute workout apps. That was 2 months ago.  Today I resolve to stop putting it off, and step one is right now, writing my commitment down for the world (and myself) to see. I have a dedicated notebook to log my daily routines which feels important to me. I have a question about the schedule I'm considering.  C2k on day 1 and every other day, pushups and squats on day 2 and every other day.  Should I do situps every day,  or every other day, and if every other day should it be on c25k day or pushup day? Should I take any days off from this kind of schedule? I plan on squeezing in the 7 minute workout app in places where either running isn't an option, or to supplement on a day I'm feeling I'd like to give a little extra effort. Any feedback would be appreciated, Thank you. 

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