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i know there's a similar topic around here, but since I'm short (5'3) and have short legs I feel like I'll never be able to run fast enough to complete the final run on the app in 30mins like it's set up.


I'm doing this on a treadmill (just started week 3) and have increased my walk to 3.8 and jog to 4.6. I complete 2mi at this pace, but I feel like my legs won't carry me much faster as they make me feel like I'm speed walking and running pretty fast now!


I guess once I'm jogging the longer lengths of time on the app I'll get closer to 3mi? I just feel likey body isn't built to be fast.

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Hey Chric, oh boy, do I know that one.  I am 5'2" and even in the best shape of my life when I could do a 9 minute mile, I was still slow.  My favorite ever was running my first and last marathon btw, a 90 year old lady passing me by and asking me if I wanted ibuprofen, LOL, and i was in amazing shape too, those short legs..  ha ha.  I decided then, that I can only compete with myself, period.   I like smaller races now and that is what I do.  I am about a 12-14 minute mile now and I am perfectly ok with that.


 You will notice a difference when you start taking it outdoors.  Road is way different than a treadmill.


Happy for you and keep going.    Keep us posted.  Happy Running!

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Smaller strut actually improves speed. Maybe you're trying to take a stride that is too wide. I used to have that problem, I have really short legs. But with practice I now run faster than my 5'7 friend - it's possible!! Just work what ya got

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I'm 5'7 and also have been concerned about the distance I'm getting. I only just finished week 1 and with the speeds I'm going (3.2 and 4.2...hoping to be able to speed this up a bit eventually) I'm only getting to about 1.7 miles on the treadmill. Is this because in week one there's so much walking or am I just going that slow??

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