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Starting running in your 60's

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I started C25K 8 weeks ago, hoping to do the magic 5K run before I turn 62 in January. I wanted to do it while I still can.

Today I ran 5K for the first time in 35m10s. I am thrilled.

Huge thanks to the C25K app. It never asks you to do more than you can do.

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OK so today was the big decision point. C25K in the bag. A couple of 5k runs after that proved that it was not a dream. So what next?

Up to now I have had no after effects. Got bored running but that was the biggest challenge. And, of course, it's not very nice getting hot and sweaty. But apart from that it was a case of 'just do it'. (Has someone else said that?). I have since had a haircut so the fact that I couldn't seem to buy one of those hairband sweat things is no longer an issue.

The problem is that unless someone tells me to run I may not actually do it. Slug genes and all that. So I loaded C210K. 

It seems that having already done 5k one has to start at Week 9. 

Day 1 looked a little bit pathetic after doing the 5k a couple of times so it had to be day 2:    5 mins warmup then    (10r + 1w) x 4    then 5 mins cool down. So that's what I did. And very boring it was too. Queen were doing their best, backed up by a guy who was 'riding shotgun sitting in the hot sun'. Even so, I found myself even starting at a dandelion as a source of distraction. 

And then it was over.

The things is, that this time my legs actually feel as if I did something beyond the usual legs-up-on-the-coffee-table sort of excercise I normally indulge in. I am starting to think that maybe C210K may have been a bit of a mistake.

I would much appreciate a bit of feedback on other people's experiences here. There are not many idiots who start this after 60 and I am just wondering how other people are finding it.

Huge thanks for all advice!









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