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Energy Levels

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What changes in your overall energy level have you noticed since starting C25K?


What was your initial activity/fitness level and when did you notice any significant changes to your overall energy level? How significant has the change been (Is it something only you have noticed or everyone around you has noticed?)


Have you had any changes in your *daily* energy level that you've noticed? (e.g. You're not as tired in the morning/afternoon/evening etc.)


Do you wake up/get to sleep easier or sleep longer/better?


Thanks for the feedback!

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Awesome Question, curious to the responses you get.


I find myself more tired at night now but more energetic in the mornings.  I hit the hay by 9, read til 10 and lights out.  SNOOZE...... Sleep great.  I used to take stuff to sleep , not anymore...  Love how I feel..

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