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tired of being out of shape


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Hi everyone! My name is Jacqi and I am tired of being out of shape! I have an amazing job, but I spend most of my 10 hour days sitting at a desk. I am a full time student as well, but I take online classes which again leave me sitting for extended periods of time. So its time for me to get off the couch and get in shape. I do not have any specific weight loss goals, I dont have a goal size I want to be. I just want to be healthy.

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Hi Jacqi,


Welcome here.  Good for you for wanting to be healthy.  So which part of the day do you think is good for you to work out?  Do you want to workout in the am, lunch or evening?    You can do this once you set your mind to it.  


You can eat healthy , it takes practice to pack healthy foods or even find them while out.  I know that one.  Nothing but junk food out there.   When you eat healthy your body will love you and you will only want to eat that way.  That is what we have done.  We cheat one day a week and we do not even want to do that anymore.


Is there anything I can help you with?  Pack healthy lunches.  You got this.  Good luck!

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