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Week 3 frustration

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I'm new to running. I just started week 3 today and it was a struggle. I'm also running with a dog because we both need the exercise (she's overweight like me!). She walks/runs okay on the leash, until she sees another dog. That's why we have to run in the early morning. Well, today, I started off a little later than I should have and we encountered 2 dogs in their fenced in area when we were supposed to be running the 1st 90 seconds, so I only made it about 45 seconds before she started pulling me in all directions. So then we made it through the 90 second walk, then I made it through the 3 minute jog, which really shocked me. So after the 3 minute walk, you are supposed to repeat (90 seconds, then 3 minutes for jog/walk). I made it about 45 seconds and I had to walk. Then I paused the app until I knew I would be on flatter land to get through the next 3 minute jog, which I did. 

My question is - did anyone else struggle through the 90 second jog after completing the 3 minute jog?

I can say that I am really proud of myself for completing the 3 minutes. I know that doesn't seem like much for the 5K and 10K runners now, but its really amazing to me. When I got back home, I went on us.mapometer.com to measure how far I ran in that 3 minutes and I figured it out to be about a quarter mile. I know I have a ways to go to run 3 miles, but hey, I'm 1/12 of the way there. :-)


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I had to stop bringing my dog for the same reason. She wanted to socialize. As an alternative, I walk her on my non-running days. She looks at me with betrayed eyes; however, getting pulled all over the road wasn't safe or helpful to the training. As for Week 3, I start tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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I struggle with running my 18 month old Rottie and she has the same issue.....she wants to bark at other dogs, I got a runners leash it goes around the waist for ease of them not dragging you left or right (I have bad shoulders) this helped...,I have to run at 5:30 since it gets so warm here in AZ.  If you can foresee the dogs ahead of time try and distract the dog or be vocally persuasive for them to run!  I tell my girls left, right, cross and run or walk so they verbally know what we are doing! I think it has helped and if you tell them walk you might be able to get them under control easier ?  Plus you might be able to pull them over to a car to sit behind if you can catch them in time and wait till the other dogs walk past!  Hope this helps!  Great job and keep up the good work with you and your pup! 

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