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week 1 day 1 very rough start! question?


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If I have 1 min left to live, I hope it feels as long as that first minute of jogging today.  I barely made it through the first of 8 but each time the lady said start running, I tried till I had to go back to walking.

I've never ever been a runner but I was a gymnast about 40 years ago and was about 10lbs overweight but in ok shape before a very freak accident that nearly killed me 4 years ago. I gained 40lbs and I think my arms now classify as legs due to their girth and I have rolls that I'm hoping will fall off in the next 8 weeks. 

My question is.... does the 1 min time start when she starts talking or after she says what number run you are doing?  That time difference of those whatever seconds matter ALOT to someone with shin pain.  I'm trying to combat it and hopefully shins will soon get on board cause I'm determined to do run/job/crawl a 5k before by 55th birthday this year!

Also, should I repeat week 1 day 1 until I get all 8 runs in?


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