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Hi everybody, my name is Darren and I just began my journey today (after a half hour looking for my sneakers).  I'm happy that I was able to complete my first step to competing in a 5k run in June.  

I'm here because I went on a ski trip a few weeks ago and struggled mightily on the slopes.  My legs were toast after only a few trips down the mountain.  I realized that walking about 8000 steps a day with zero high intensity training wasn't enough to keep me at a fitness level that allows me to do many of the things that I enjoy.  

One of my goals for this program is to successfully complete an informal 5k run for flag day that a group of my friends organize and an official one in July. Last year I attended the both events but did not participate in either.  

This is part of a larger goal for myself that is to lose 40lbs and get under 200.  I am a 5'10" man and have struggled with weight since I stopped playing sports in college.  I have successfully changed my eating habits to the point where I don't consider it being on a "diet," it's now just the way I choose to eat.  It's by no means perfect but it's working.  I have lost 10lbs already and look forward to losing the next 10 and then the next 10 and so on.

Hopefully with some effort and support in places like this, I can create a new good habit of staying physically active that will help me achieve my health and fitness goals.

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