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Starting again & again & again

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Good morning. Almost hitting fifty and way out of shape. I make LPG deliveries so getting some physical workout. Have allergies that keep me from eating fresh fruits and fresh veggies. They must be cooked or no dice. Few physical issues from time to time but I'm sure diet and exercise could resolve some of this. Ready to start the C25k again. Limited on training area so I walk in my apt and use elliptical as my run. I usually make it a few work outs for a few weeks and then something in life steps in to interrupt and then I'm off the workout once again. I am also going to try the 7 min workout app and look into the 0-100 pushup app.

Gotta start somewhere. I would appreciate the prayers and advice. Pray you have a blessed day/week.

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C25K is right for this (it worked for me). It is schedule that you can follow strictly. It is achievable goal with some efforts from you. It is very satisfying to complete one more day of the program and move forward to the 5k! I did whole program on the treadmill and now just maintaining my cardio and trying lose more weight. Pushups are good, but I would stick with either C25K or 7min program, otherwise it could be too much for start.

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