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Newbie - Day 1


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Hi all,


Just thought id introuce myself.


Im 28 from England.


Lost 3 stone since january and looking to start running to help me on the weight loss journey.


Its been a long journey making little changed and getting outside and running is the next change i want to make.


I have a fitbit with gprs and this app where ill be using c25k.


Hopefully i will get through this and be able to take part in some park runs locally.


Look forward to chatting with you all.



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I just started today, too and I could only do half of the 30 minute day 1 program. I'm not discouraged however, I will repeat day one for as long as I need to. I did learn a few things......don't do this in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest, and bring a water bottle with me!

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Ive completed day 1.. really enjoyed it if im honest. Felt comfortable and proud.


2 miles in the 30 minutes.. i know i can do better but in the first 10 minutes i was conscious of going slow and not burning out.


Are you planning on taking a day off tomorrow? Im playing football (soccer as some may call it).


Motivation is very high !

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