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  1. Day 2 week 2. Enjoying it all still !
  2. And on the good days they are your motivation to get out the house and run as faaaaaar as possible!
  3. Ive completed day 1.. really enjoyed it if im honest. Felt comfortable and proud. 2 miles in the 30 minutes.. i know i can do better but in the first 10 minutes i was conscious of going slow and not burning out. Are you planning on taking a day off tomorrow? Im playing football (soccer as some may call it). Motivation is very high !
  4. Hi all, Just thought id introuce myself. Im 28 from England. Lost 3 stone since january and looking to start running to help me on the weight loss journey. Its been a long journey making little changed and getting outside and running is the next change i want to make. I have a fitbit with gprs and this app where ill be using c25k. Hopefully i will get through this and be able to take part in some park runs locally. Look forward to chatting with you all. Dan
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