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Hi All!


I am new to the series of aps and so far, loving it!  I am on week 4 of C25K.


My question is that when it comes time for me to run a distance portion in the training, I will need another ap to track me? Ill have to check when I start the run part and keep checking until I reach the distance? 


A lot for me to do and remember to breathe!   ;)

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Yeah, I’ve wondered the same thing about wanting to use the distance suggestions rather than time because many new runners aren't running at 6mph but haven’t found an effective way to do so unless I use a treadmill and track it myself. 

I’ve done C25K with friends multiple times (just finished my fourth go), and not once have they bee able to complete a 30min 5K so when it came down to race day, they were stuck jogging for 40+ minutes. 

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