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25 days no carbs, amazing weight loss, now I need to MOVE!

GaHBee Gabi

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Hi everyone!

So, I've always longed to call myself a runner. I'm 39 and it just never happened. I've always struggled with my weight, but I've had the internal drive & motivation to get fit again. Now that my son is 8 months, I'm ready to move. For 25 days I haven't eaten any carbs and I feel amazing. I'm losing weight and getting compliments on my weight loss. I have so much energy that I want to capture this moment & begin a jogging regimen. This site is very motivating!

Any tips for a new runner? Do I need to start eating carbs for this? I'm afraid to, I love my results!

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Human body needs carbs, fats and proteins. The proportion of these are different from person to person (metabolism is different).

So if you feel good - try to stay with this diet, but do not get fanatically obsessed with it. :) 

You will need more calories when running, that is obvious.


PS "For 25 days I haven't eaten any carbs" - I cannot imagine this, I will not be able to do this. Can you describe your diet? No fruits, no bread, no ice-cream, no even vegetables :o ?

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I am new to this app. 5 years ago I would jog 5 kms a day but I had an accident and broke my leg. I had lost 70lbs jogging. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes in June and have lost 36 pounds. I have been walking twice a day but I think I need to step things up abit. I am also looking into gastric bypass surgery. I have made up my own diet. .high protein. .low carb..low fat..no sugar diet and it seems to be go..ing great. .thank you for listenin..hoping you chat with a few of you!

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