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Advice, tips, prayers?


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Hey guys - just getting started on this journey.  My local hospital advertised a C25k program they were starting up in conjunction with the local track club a few weeks back.  I decided to sign up and the first meeting was this past Monday.  This is a major step for me.  I've been sedentary and obese most of my life (all of my adult life).  I am 46 years old and last fall I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The good news? It was found really early.  After a lumpectomy, lymph node removal, a few rounds chemo, and several weeks of radiation I'm starting to get my life back on an even keel and I want to also use this time to become a healthier version of me. I mean.. cancer already took me out of my comfort zone, I might as well keep going. :)


However.. I'm VERY out of shape and even a brisk walk leaves me out of breath.  They started us off with a timed one mile (for me it was a walk, some did run/walk) on Monday to set a baseline.. I'm really slow.  It was something like 22:40 I think for me.  I know it will get better, but I'm starting off behind. 


With regard to the app - I notice it starts off with a 60 second run.  A lot of the places I've been reading for people in similar circumstances to mine indicate that sometimes 30 seconds running as a starting point might be more "doable".  Is there any way for me to adjust the app to accommodate for that?

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