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Broken and determined


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Hi everyone! I'm new to the running thing again. I started but than broke my pelvis, collapsed my lung from internal bleeding and almost died but I'm back on the mend and trying to get over this block I've found myself. It's not that I don't like running, I think I would really enjoy it as I do when I do run but I get so discouraged when I don't see any results so I'm hoping this will help me get over this hurdle! I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone!


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...turns out I don't bounce

It seems to me you are bouncing back! ;) 

The main result for me was that I can complete the daily exercise! If docs clear you for running you will do just fine.

Do no rush, take it slow: jogging instead of sprinting. Your main goal should be complete the exercise, do not worry about the speed.

Jogging and schlepping is moving too! (You know we have schlepping club here :D )

Week 1-3 is doable even for old coach potato like I was. Week 4 is a challenge - running time is jumping from 9 min to 16 total.

Next step is week 5 day 3 - running 20min strait. But it is more mental then physical at this point.


I am sure you will do great. Just stick with the program.

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