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10k Bridge to Half Marathon

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I've poked around a bit looking for an answer but it doesn't seem like anyone has given it yet:


I finish the 10k app tomorrow.  Will I start on Day 1 of the 13.1 app or will I skip ahead like I did in the 10k?  Does anyone know how long it takes to get from 10k to half marathon?

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Hi There, I am sorry that noone has answered you yet. If I were you, I would look at the days in the app and see where you could begin. Since you have completed the 10k app, can you run a 10k?? If you can, awesome for you, so proud of you, then I would begin later in the app of the 13.1. PLease keep me posted as to what you do? Maybe someone else who has done it can help too. Good luck.

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I had a few questions about the 13.1 app as well...


I am almost done with the 10K app (finishing week 13 tomorrow, so one more week) and was looking into the 13.1 app (would love to support ZenLabs since they are kind enough to provide such great apps and this great community). But looking online about the app and reviews, it seems like the 13.1 is a step back (I saw in a few places that the most time run is 4 minutes - this just doesn't make any sense to me since at the end of the 10K it's a 60 minute run).


I don't need gory details but would love to hear what people think about the 13.1 app and whether it truly is a continued step in the right direction before I purchase.


Great job running everyone!

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