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Ankle injury?

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hello, I was in the middle of week 6 and after doing my first long run of 22 minutes I am having some ankle pain on the inside of my right foot. Some swelling ( I have always had circulation issues so the swelling isn't that bad ) but it feels very tight and tender to the touch. It subsided after a few days of rest but when I ran week 7 day 1 when I was done I was barely able to walk. I iced and took Advil and the pain goes away but continue to have to take advil a few time daily.


I haven't ran in 3 days but it's still painful to sometimes walk. I try and keep it elevated when I am able to and have compression socks for the normal swelling.


Any thoughts on if this could be a stress fracture or some sort of tendinitis?


Thanks I really would like to get back to running I am so close to finishing the program after not running for years and years. I have not tried to overdo it more than 3 days a week and am swimming also 3 days taking Sunday's off

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