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Soleus injury/supination

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Hey guys. So I have bad anxiety and occasional panic attacks. I found running and fell in love. My anxiety was dramaticly reduced. I walked for 3 weeks then built up to run/walk. 11 days ago I was out running and I developed a pain in my shins. I couldn't keep going. I sat on a park bench for about 15 mins, then walked home. The pain was intense. I iced it, and the pain subsided. Over the next week, the pain intensified, and relieved. I went to urgent care yesterday. I tore the Soleus muscle. The doc said I appear to be everting/supinating my left foot when I run, and that I wasn't wearing proper running shoes for my feet. He says no running or walking for 3-6 weeks. I'm heartbroken. I started running because of what it does for my mentality. I feel like i'm going nuts. The pain is sometimes stationary mid shin, and sometimes it radiates frim the inside of my knee down to the inside of my arch. I thought running was simple. Just lace up and go. There's so much to this. How you strike, your gait, strikes per minute, PROPER shoes, foam rollers... Jeez.

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i know its heart breaking to stop something that you love so much! you can start again, please do look for videos on how to run, and stretching is an absolute must. 


sit with your spine comfortably erect and point your toes and pretend to write (maybe just A to Z), that will stretch your shin, you can either do with both the feet the same time or one at a time.


Get well soon!

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