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Hello! I WILL do this, won't I...


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Have just downloaded the c25k app, having tried and failed a few times at c25k before. But this time I really really want to complete it, I used to love running but life/cake got in the way... I'll be slower than they recommend - don't have childcare very often to go out running - but hopefully will get there.


I did have a question that i've posted elsewhere but will add here too, in case anyone can help. I have an Android phone (Motorola E), I've put some music on it, and created a playlist called 'running' but when I go to the C25K app and click on playlists, there's nothing there. The songs I've uploaded are listed under 'sounds' but so are random notification beeps and ringtones which won't make for inspiring running music!

Any suggestions as to how I can get C25K (the paid version) to find my playlist and not just play ringtones and beeps for me?

Anyway, hello! And here's to 8-12 weeks or so of successful running and then shouting 'woo' and making it to 5k!


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Hi Rosie,


Welcome to you on here.  Happy you are here.  About your phone, the only thing I can think of if it is your phone.  You can email Zenlabs and ask at  I am having a hard time myself with me new Galaxy s5 trying to figure it all out.  Maybe someone else can help on here.   Otherwise, email them in the Home Page under Contact us.   


The c25k app PRO is the paid version you can download.   Good Luck with your running.     

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