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Music vs. Podcasts vs. Your own brain chatter

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I have to have music during my runs. I tend to want to run faster than I should at first. So I use music to keep my pace. I have 2 playlists of 150bpm (for a 10 minute mile) music ranging from pop to rock to punk and back again. The thing they all have in common is a good steady beat so I know to not run faster than that beat. I'm hoping once I get to a 5k and feel comfortable I may start not running with music but that'll be some time off.

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I've used Spotify's running playlists for a few runs now. It now has a feature where it can take music you were recently listening to (and similar) and play the parts of the songs at your running pace. It works great, but I just have a association in my brain now where podcasts = "great run" as if it were a ritual; so I still prefer podcasts.

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