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Your favorite protein shakes?

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Hello everybody, just recently started using protein supplements after my workouts, really trying to get some nice muscle build while shedding some fat too.  Recently came across this article http://maxproteinpowder.com/protein-shake-recipes/ with some really good protein shakes.  


Made myself the Coffee Protein Shake this morning.  It's amazing and a reasonable excuse to have some coffee ice cream in the freezer lol!

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I use the Le-Vel THRIVE Experience - Men's Lifestyle Pack! I've been on it for 3 weeks and on my 2nd week of c25k. I lost 11 pounds my first week on the Thrive and have had 0 trouble(knock on wood) while doing the c25k this time! I tried 3 years ago at age 52 at 230# where now I weigh 231and couldn't do it. I would get so out of breath and be so weak I couldn't get past the 3rd week staying on (week 3) 5 times. I'm at (week 2) day 2 this time and feel like I'm 30!

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Pharmascience Health Gainer for Weight gain

Mens need many calorie requirements that many men have proves to be incredibly trying Pharmascience health gainer a weight gainer makes this far easier. If you consider the fact that there are weight gainers available that pack in over a thousand calories per shake .

For more visit


Weight Gainer

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