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  1. Day two - no more pain just a little tight. Planning on walking and light yoga tonight to keep everything moving.
  2. Second that. Fit should be the object of your affection. Start with good whole foods and kick the processed junk to the curb and move. Everything else will slowly fall into place. Fall off the wagon from time to time, just don't give up and hop back on. It's not a race to the end, rather a journey of a life fulfilled. To seek wisdom is to be wise.
  3. I had high BP and was put on meds. Started being a vegetarian in March and have lost around 38lbs and had to stop the meds after a month. Started exercising recently and my BP hovers around 115/70. Before it was 150/125 on average. I still monitor it occasionally and just give the machine a little smile and a wink for the journey that we have taken together. Diet is the best medicine - exercise is the icing.
  4. I dumped my bullet - well it's regulated to the back if the cupboard for a ninja. Absolutely love it.
  5. Depends upon the length of the workout and intensity. I usually will hit a banana or avocado with lots of water. Pre-workout I try to time about 45 min off of a meal or will drink a whole fruit and vegetable blend with some Epic protein powder. I'm normally not hungry either unless I do an hour of cardio. Whether it is C25k or hiking.
  6. I use Epic powders which all are Vegan rice protein based. Not as tasty but work perfectly in my blended vegetable drinks. When I'm on the run I'll splurge on banana cremé muscle milk.
  7. Vegetarian for since March 20th and Vegan 75% of the time. I seem to be migrating to more raw foods and veganism. I've lost 38lbs and probably within 8/10 of my goal weight.
  8. Woke up with groin pain on both sides this morning. Terrible day! I could only go through half of my yoga stretches before giving up. Hopefully in not sidelined very long. It's not terribly painful - going to see what the next couple of days have in store for me before figuring out my next steps.
  9. I've toyed around with getting back in shape a few times over the past couple of years, the most successful diet that I was on was pescetarian two years about and I went from 210 to 185. I started working out and was feeling great, then I got sick. I went through two months of diagnostic procedures and took a lot of pills including pain pills. Come to find out I had kidney stones that the scans and IPV did not find. I finally passed them but had fallen well off of the waggon at that point. 2016 - I was feeling pretty sickly and was going to fix my diet and exercise once more with a more systematic approach. I was on blood pressure medication and had several other minor medical issues. I started weening myself off of meat slowly at first, then I had the pleasure of having two wisdom teeth removed. Once that hurdle was out of the way (at this point I went from 217 to 212) I was ready to jump all in. I was originally going to go pescetarian but at the last minute decided I wanted to be challenged with going vegetarian. March 20th was my last day consuming any meat and I've gone from 212 to 180 as of today. I've been practising meditation, at home yoga for flexibility, a minor callisthenics program, and now recently C25K. My motivation for C25K is endurance, I used to be an avid hiker and participated in some major hikes when I was younger. I've been adding in 2 to 3 hiking days for 4 miles each to my routine. I've nearly lost 40lbs and feel great, I'm hoping to stay motivated through the next phases in continuing this journey. I'm off of all prescribed medication, but have various herbal supplements that I enjoy.
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