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Just managed to complete week 8 of couch 210k, running for a full 30 minutes and feeling proud of myself! Going from struggling to run for 1 minute to doing 30 is an achievement and if I can do it anyone can. Keep up the good work!! However, my 30 minute run was not 5k, think I managed 5k in total including my warm up and cool down. I'm now wondering whether I should continue 30 minute runs increasing my speed to get me up to 5k or move on to week 9 and train for the 10k. My ultimate aim is to run 10k but I've got until August to achieve that :)

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My ultimate aim is to run 10k

And this is your answer! :)  I have been told that best way to increase the speed is to increase your distance per week.  Other way is to do interval training.

That is what I am doing - repeating C25K from the start but with bigger incline and faster speed for walks and runs.

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