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  1. I've had a similar issue. Injured my foot after finally finishing week 8 and running for 30 minutes. Once it heeled I eased myself back into it, doing a few days with the 3 minute/ 5 minute variations then 8 minutes etc before starting back where I left off on week 9. I've now repeated w9d1 countless times and just can't seem to complete it. Not sure if it's due to my injury and lack of training or I've just hit a mental block
  2. Just managed to complete week 8 of couch 210k, running for a full 30 minutes and feeling proud of myself! Going from struggling to run for 1 minute to doing 30 is an achievement and if I can do it anyone can. Keep up the good work!! However, my 30 minute run was not 5k, think I managed 5k in total including my warm up and cool down. I'm now wondering whether I should continue 30 minute runs increasing my speed to get me up to 5k or move on to week 9 and train for the 10k. My ultimate aim is to run 10k but I've got until August to achieve that
  3. I have really struggled with the jump to 3 minutes but it's not helped that my routes have meant the 3 minutes runs have been uphill! I've just been repeating the sessions to get me used to it before moving on
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