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Tips for running up hills?


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So, I have completed week 2 day 1. But where I run is practically all hills. I don't like running on treadmills and I like where I run. I realize that running up hill is probably better for you when it comes to running. I used to run more often but I hurt my knee so I had to take a break. the hills always seem to make my muscles scream. I don't wanna change my running place or anything(because there's points where it's goes straight down. That's fun.) but I would like to see if anyone has any uphill running tips. Maybe something to make it a little easier to endure? Any ideas?

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Hi There R4FR4L,


Welcome here,


I have lived in the mountains of Utah and now Nevada, high altitude at the moment at 5800 feet....   I am so used to running uphill, sometimes.... LOL


I walk/run them.  I will Go up backwards, sideways, do drills, etc.....     I do find it hard on my knees so I will do variations of that all the time, you should see my driveway, OH BOY, it is at a huge angle...


High altitude for you?   I now love to run at sea level, and man can I go!  YAY!


Happy Running!!   Oh yeah, I love to climb my mountains too!!!  

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Thanks for the tips:) it's really rough on my knees sometimes. Always had bad knees.

I'm not really close to mountains(about 4-5 hours away from the Appalachians) but where I'm at there's always lots of hills everywhere I go. I love it! I am going to the mountains in the summer and plan to run there. And if I am able to keep up with pace of the running schedule I might be up to a 10k run by then:) (fingers crossed...)

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