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Skipping ahead a few weeks?


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First time posting, planning on using the c25k app but have a few questions.


Is it recommended to start from the start or can you skip to say week 4 or 5 if you can already run a bit.


On a treadmill I can go for 1.5-2km at 9.5km/h so any reason to not skip a head and give say week 4 a go and see if I can complete it?


Speaking of treadmills, can I use this app running on a treadmill? I saw a few threads talking about treadmills so I assume yes. Running out side seems like a barrier for me.


Also speed wise, on a treadmill or outside what sort of speed is considered walking, jogging, running for some one 6ft or 183cm or there abouts.

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Yes, if you feel that you can take it, go for Week 4. The program  is actually for people like me, that were sitting on the couch/behind the desk for years.

You can always repeat the day or week if you overestimated your current strength.


Google is saying that under 6 mph is jogging. But starting point is very different for all, so choose your pace and try to increase it.


I completed C25K on the treadmill and yet to go outside..... Find the speed you can complete the day and just run it. If it too fast your body will tell you.


Now I walk 3.5 - 4 mph and run jog 5.8-6.2 mph.  I have started the program walking 2-2.5mph and jogging 3.5-4mph.

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