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hitting the brick wall


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So I started the 10k program about 2.5 months ago.  I did start at week 4 as I had been exercising regularly before that.  At week 7 I started to hit a brick wall and I found I couldn't complete the run.  I attempted it over and over. Then I got ill, so after I recovered I went back to week 6 and worked my way though again.  Again, I was attempting the runs over and over.  If I "failed" I would have a short walk and then continue running for the rest of the time period.  Now, I have finally finished week 7 day 3, (after a magical run where I actually ran 6km at a faster pace than normal as I was feeling so good). But, if you do the calculations (2.5 months ago I started on week 4, and have only finished week 7 now), it is obvious that I am not progressing well.


I recently got a fitbit and after looking at the results it seems that my heart rate indicates it is in peak zone during the entire run.  So for the last two weeks I have put the program to the side and have been doing interval runs for one hour in the cardio zone, as I figured my cardiovascular fitness wasn't increasing with me working at peak all the time.  I've found that it takes about 2 minutes for my heart rate to go from the bottom of cardio zone to the top. Then a couple more for it to come down again.  I haven't tried a long continuous run yet, but honestly I'm not sure anything has changed.  


Would this be the best course of action do you think?  Should I basically keep going and hope my heart starts working more efficiently?  Start the program over?  Do the program over, except for "double it" .. ie do it twice on any given day as I am now run/walking for an hour with no problems.


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