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Week 5

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Just finished day 3 of week 5. I can't believe I have just ran 20 minutes without stopping and covered 2 miles.

5 weeks ago my legs felt like they were dropping off after running for 60 seconds.

For anyone who is thinking of starting I would say 3 things :

1. Get a decent pair of running shoes.

2. Go as slow as you can and build from there.

3. Do it ....




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Congratulations Rich183.

I began day 1 of week 5 today and must admit it felt so good!!! I have had to repeat both weeks 3 and 4 due to holidays and work scheduling and maybe thats why week 5 felt so natural, but I am enjoying this soooo much! I truly didn't believe I would be able to run 30 mins straight when I began this program, and even until this very day I think I might be one who may have to break it down and do it slower, but as long as I get there, it matters not if I do it in 9 weeks or 12, as long as I am being active good things will surely result. Keep it up!!!! I am proud of you and of all of us tackling the effort to lead a more active lifestyle.

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