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I thought I had reached a point in my life 8 months ago where I could come off my anxiety/depression medication so I did. Three months in I had a bad experience but decided to remain med free. Since then my anxiety has caused a great deal of stress eating, I wasn't super healthy to begin with so it hasn't helped. There's been many times when I decide I'm going to do it, get healthy, exercise, all of it but I've never stuck with it. Most of the time it's shear laziness but lately it's my anxiety and fear of looking foolish infront of others. I have a constant paranoia that people are judging me because I'm so out of shape. I'm hoping to find support and strength here to help me stay on track and not give up. And maybe hopefully tame my anxiety.

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Hi there!

I just joined in hopes of becoming motivated to take better care of my health.

I've dealt with depression and anxiety a good portion of my life. I stopped taking meds 6 years ago and was on them for 12 years. You have to learn what triggers your anxiety and learn to overcome it and control it. It takes time but trust me, being off meds is so worth it.

As for paranoia of people judging you by how you look, SAME HERE. It sucks!!! But after so many years of failed diets and exercise plans I FINALLY have been on track more than ever. A big part of that is because I try really hard to not care what others think. I'm doing this for me, so I can be healthy and live a long life so I can see my baby girl grow.

Just take it one day at a time, avoid doing things that keep your mind open to negativity. Remain occupied, listen to music, watch tv, read a book. I find that it helps being occupied to not let my mind wander and become anxious.

Since starting my new lifestyle change last week my anxiety levels have decreased drastically, my marriage is even benefiting from my newfound happiness. They're not kidding when they say endorphins are the best antidepressant.

I wish you so much luck!!!

You can do this!!!

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Good for both of you for taking the hardest step, which is the first one!!! Be proud of yourselves! I've just begun week eight of the program, and one of the biggest things I've learned, is if you're out running, the people that aren't are jealous of you. Wishing they could do it. And if others are running around you, they are paying attention to themselves. Before I began running myself, I would see others doing it and think that's so awesome they have that kind of drive. I was so jealous!! So, just remember if anyone notices you running, it's because they are wishing they could do it too. Stay with this program, it works!! And everyone here is cheering you on!

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