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  1. Great! Thank you both. I just wanted to make sure the days didn't need to be consecutive.
  2. So I just finished week one day one and I am so proud of myself! I have a question and I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I just want to make sure. I'm guessing that between weeks we take four days off of training? I just want make sure I'm right, LOL.
  3. Hi there! I just joined in hopes of becoming motivated to take better care of my health. I've dealt with depression and anxiety a good portion of my life. I stopped taking meds 6 years ago and was on them for 12 years. You have to learn what triggers your anxiety and learn to overcome it and control it. It takes time but trust me, being off meds is so worth it. As for paranoia of people judging you by how you look, SAME HERE. It sucks!!! But after so many years of failed diets and exercise plans I FINALLY have been on track more than ever. A big part of that is because I try really hard to not care what others think. I'm doing this for me, so I can be healthy and live a long life so I can see my baby girl grow. Just take it one day at a time, avoid doing things that keep your mind open to negativity. Remain occupied, listen to music, watch tv, read a book. I find that it helps being occupied to not let my mind wander and become anxious. Since starting my new lifestyle change last week my anxiety levels have decreased drastically, my marriage is even benefiting from my newfound happiness. They're not kidding when they say endorphins are the best antidepressant. I wish you so much luck!!! You can do this!!!
  4. @KellyAnn!!! I was just wanting to post "FitBit Surge vs. Apple Watch". Which do you prefer???
  5. Hi! My daughter is 2 and thank goodness she likes to go out for walks. I'm looking for a good jogging stroller to purchase soon and I'm excited! I just started running. I'm going to start day one of C25k training tomorrow! Are there any mommas out there? How's training going for you?
  6. Hi! I'm going through trying to lose weight as well. I used to be 230 and now weigh 220. I'm stuck though. I think I lost 10 pounds by cutting out gluten completely and also trying to eat the Paleo diet. Tomorrow I'm starting to drink 1 gallon of water a day, I heard that helps a lot.
  7. Thank you so much everyone! I'm really happy to be here. And Kimasabie, that's totally fine with me.
  8. Hey all! My name is Tatiana and I'll be 29 in January. I have a 2 year old daughter and she is my whole world, she really keeps me on my feet! I've been overweight my whole life. I'm 220 and I'm 5'9" so it's not that bad since I'm tall, but I'm still overweight. I have severe scoliosis but thankfully it doesn't interfere with walking or running (that much). At 23 I was diagnosed with cancer, Hodgkins Lymphoma. I fought it with all I had and here I am 3 years in remission and a mommy! I'm finishing up my bachelor's in Finance and am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom while I finish school thanks to my awesome hubby. I started running last week! Even if it's just 20 seconds at a time... I prefer it over not running at all. I really need to make a change in my life when it comes to my health, I feel like I've been given a second chance at life and it's time for me to get serious about my health. I want to be able to run behind my little one and not run out of breath or feel so fatigued. And I want to feel good about myself! I hope to make some new friends and learn a lot on this new journey. -Tatiana
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