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Leaving for Basic Training in 2 Months!


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Hello! The title says it all! I'm leaving for Air Force Basic Training on January 19th and I'm trying to get in better shape before then! I've always been an athlete but in my high school years I had two surgeries on my right labrum, and one on my right ACL, all spread out across 4 years. So basically, for most of that time I was not exercising, because I was too busy with PT :(. Well, this past Spring I did sort of a C25K workout, and ended up running a mile and a half in under 10 minutes! Well being intimidated that I was a woman entering the military, I decided that over the summer I was going to focus on upper body mostly. Well, big mistake as I got stronger but now I can hardly run 3 minutes without feeling like I'm going to pass out! Not good! So I downloaded the app, and am starting this program again to get into much better shape so I can be ahead of the game when I get there! I'm going to do Day 1 this Friday, and then do it again on Monday to start my official first week running on MWF.

Thanks everyone!

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