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Got halfway through and I'm sooo upset

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Hi everyone, I should be happy I completed 4 straight weeks without skipping a beat but instead I'm feeling disappointed over something so petty. All week I was looking forward to completing my last run and receive the little trophy screen everyone keeps talking about, but before I could take a look at it I pressed something and it cancelled the screen. I wanted to take a screenshot of it and share it on my social media but I can't now.

I tried resetting it and checking it again but it didn't work. Zen labs pleeaaseeee reset my workout and give me a chance to get the little trophy/award screen again

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It's not petty.  It's something you were looking forward to.  If it'll make you feel any better, one of the primary reasons I'm running is for the medals.  I'm not looking to be competitive - I just want something to hang on my wall.  I wish I had a picture of my mother and I in the doctor's office back in 1968 when she was told (after my surgery) that I'd never walk again.  If I could, I'd take that picture and hang any participation medals I could ever get on that picture.  If all goes well, I'll get my first ones in early January (had to restart the program due to a muscle injury that was directly related to the birth defect that had me getting that surgery when I was 6).

We each have our own personal reasons for doing this.  Those reasons aren't silly or petty - they're the motivation that's getting us to a better life and lifestyle.  

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Yeah week 4 is where it starts to really kick your butt. At least for me, but what matters is that you're not giving up. I just did day 2 of week 5 yesterday and I can't believe what I have achieved in such little time. You will push through, your mind will push through. Have you checked out zen lab's advice for proper breathing? I think it has helped me tremendously. 

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