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Is there a way?


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Hi ANgel, 


I am trying to figure out what you mean?  This app does not have you do a 5K everytime you go out, you are TRAINING for a 5k, not running one each time.  There are other apps for you to do  that if you want to run one each time.   


WE train you to run a 5k in a few weeks.  If you can ALREADY run a 5k, YAY, you might want to use our 10K app.   


Let me know if this helps you!  Good Luck!   :D  :D 

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Thanks for replying. I can't run 5k straight. I want to run 5k by running a minute and walking 90 seconds. I ended up getting to week 3 and started having bad pain in my hips, so I know 3 minutes of running is too hard on my body, but I feel if I do just 1 minute then walk 90 seconds I'll be more likely to be able to do 5k even if it takes me an hour

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