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I must have a weird running action (if you can call the speed I go at "running").  My left foot always seems to hit the ground much harder than my right, so I end up with pain in my left shin but not my right, and pain in my right calf but not my left.  I have to really concentrate to bring my right foot down as forcefully as my left, or to pull back on the forcefulness my left foot hits the ground at.


Will this improve as I go further through this and get more used to running?  Have only just completed Week 1 Day 3 today/

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Hi CatLover, I have noticed similar issues with my shin/calf in the past.


I'd recommend having a professional look at it. It sounds like your gait is off (whether from your anatomy or the way you lean, etc.).


Something that helped me was to foam roll my calves and shins to release the tightness. I've also used a ball similar to a lacrosse ball to loosen up before and after running to prevent the aches.


I'd recommend looking into this issue before you continue to prevent damage. I know how frustrating calf/shin issues are; it's what kept me from running before. I hope you find a fix soon. 

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