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I just finished day three of week one. But the it shows week 2, day one! What about the rest of week one... Like day 4,5,6,7? So confused!!!

You're only meant to run for three days a week, I've not started yet but when I do I shal run Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hope this helps.

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Guest TrishE

You can certainly run six days a week if you'd like! The only thing you have to remember is that you must take a rest day where you dont workout in any way. Your muscles need a day to rebuild :)

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Hi There,  So proud of you for having so much motivation..


    I worry about you running 6 days a week and therefore having injury.  How about every other day and cross train in between like what was said above.


Trust me, as a runner who has ran and ran for many years, I do find myself slowing down a bit, and now prefer running 3-4 days a week, aerobic 2x, and weightlifting other days..  


Prevents you from injury.


Good Luck and you are doing awesome!

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Hi There Subidude2011,



If you are training for the Academy - thank you - ,  You can go 3-5 days per week.  Just listen to your body and rest.  


Do Speed Drills, Strength training, etc. to build muscle and make you stronger.  Speed drill are great


I found this online:




Hope this helps you!

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