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Starting again


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I just turned 39 on Saturday and am from West Midlands in England.

I started and completed C25k in 2009.  Felt such a sense of achievement when I completed it.  Once complete I started a one hour runner programme but cant for the life of me remember what happened - but suddenly I didn't do it anymore.


I go tot the gym and do lots of spinning classes each week - really love it :)  Anyway, as a teacher, I am on my summer break and thought what a great challenge to complete C25K again and this time, keep it up!  As I go spinning I already have a level of fitness so decided to start on week 4.  Yesterday was day one of week 5.  I will do day 2 on Thursday and the dreaded day 3 on Saturday!


Last time I did the programme I did it outside.  This time I am doing it at the gym on the treadmill, with the intention of getting back onto the roads when I am running for a more prolonged period of time than the shorter intervals.


I am looking forward to reading other people's experiences-  I find it really motivating :)

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