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c25k - wanting to do more? Alternating days...


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I've successfully gotten myself into week 4 of c25k even though I am a 46 year old absolute beginning runner... I've *always* hated running, though I had previously only done it on a track or on a treadmill and was bored out of my mind.  I do have a question though.


At my best I'm currently able to do a 7:30 - 8:00 mile pace for about 3 minutes, but I can sustain a 10:00 pace or so for an entire running "rep" in the c25k program.  I've really been wanting more and feeling like I have the energy to do more.  No soreness or pain -at all- at any time up to week four...


Today (a rest day) I was really feeling like I wanted to run so I ran the week 2 program as an off day and plan to resume week 4 day 2 tomorrow.


Is this a really bad, hazardous awful idea??  I'm not trying to compress the 9 weeks, I just want to do *something* running related on the off days.


Thoughts?  Opinions?



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Guest TrishE

Hello! Congrats on a great journey so far! :)

Its totally ok to want to do more on your off days but you have to be sure you take at least one day off to let the muscles rest and rebuild (keep holy the rest day).

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