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  1. Looks like a nice place to run. Congrats on your success.
  2. I am on an iOS device. How can I see the stats for my previous runs? It doesn't seem like you can. From what I can tell the app does nothing except tell you when to walk and when to run. And nothing else. Am I missing something?
  3. if you can, a gps watch is really helpful. this is the only problem i have with the c25k app is, it doesnt use gps to keep mileage and/or route. i use a polar m400. i got it on sale and love it. garmin has some good ones also
  4. i did just this. went into a running store (fleet feet) and they measured my feet while sitting and standing. they watched how i walk and how i run. i told them around what i wanted to spend. the woman helping me brought out 3 pairs to try on. watched me run in them. none of them felt "really" good, so she got a pair of new balance 880's and they are fantastic. the whole visit to buy 1 pair of shoes took just over an hour and was totally worth it. i cant recommend it enough.
  5. just about to finish week 2 and just found these forums. nervous about the week 3 running. a little history, i was diagnosed with diabetes about 2 months ago. i went to my doc because i was having trouble breathing (generally thats not a good sign). at first he thought it was stress but after looking at my blood test results quickly changed his mind. my a1c test was over 400 (its supposed to be under 100). my life had to change. luckily one of the guys i work with, his wife is a nurse and she has helped me immensely. i had lost over 40#'s from what i thought was walking my dogs dail
  6. Get a dog. They will wake you up. I know my 2 do. Once you get in the routine of getting up early to run you will get used to it.
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