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Calf pain

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OMG just answered my own question. Simply walking out the door completely rolled my ankle. Can walk if u can call it that. I guess my calf is going to get better lol.


I'm lucky to have access to a lake so I will water run to keep up the lungs and calorie burn. Do some p90x upper body while I gently look after my legs. Get some physio.


Frustrated, started at 247 lbs my first goal is 200lbs and I'm 204 right now. So close yet so far.

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Hey. Sorry to hear about your calf. Injuries can be difficult to handle when your motivated or approaching a goal. Look after it and it will get better. My calfs are prone to injuries. I now wear calf sleeves even on small runs.


I guess technically I didn't make my goal of 200lbs. Today I'm 205 but my calfs are 1/4 inch bigger and my thighs are a half inch bigger. I did however complete a half marathon . So I can say I'm really happy. I just keep going and i don't worry about the scale.

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