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Shoulder Pain but no injury?

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Help! I started running about two years ago as part of a total lifestyle change that's led me to lose 60lbs and become more healthy and physically fit. When I started running I would get these sharp, stabbing pains in my shoulders. Sometimes it would be the left, sometimes the right and sometimes both...which would basically stop me in my tracks. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the pain and it doesn't always happen. When it first started I just assumed it was because I was out of shape and that they would go away... I was VERY wrong! The pains are not as frequent now, but it still happens. I'm starting to train for a half marathon but if this pops up halfway through that run...I might cry!!


Can anyone help? Any info or ideas? Stretching doesn't seem to help any and I left weights two or three times per week so I've even built up strength. I just can't figure it out. :(

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I think I have experienced this before too. A couple years ago I brought it up to my doctor who ran an ekg but nothing was wrong. I've recently got back into running and I think that it's caused by your breathing technique. Next time you experience that pain, focus on deep 'belly' breaths & it should clear. It's worked for me!

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