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Week 2, Day 1


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Hello all.

My name is Brittney. I'm 22 years old, a college student, and I work in retail sales. I've never considered myself an "active" person, and I've struggled a lot with anxiety, depression, and self image issues. 

I've decided to devote my summer break this year to breaking bad habits and taking on new good ones-including exercising and eating healthier. My boyfriend and I started using MyFitnessPal to log calorie and water intake, and I've had C25K installed on my phone for quite some time. I've never gotten past week 1 before falling out of the routine of going to the gym. I'm hoping (and working towards) more willpower and self control, and a healthier, more positive outlook on myself and all areas of life. 

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Hi Brittney, I am now on week 4. In my experience I was almost like you but I continued even when I regretted it the moment I stepped outside lol. However I am glad I did because by the start of week 3 I couldn't wait to go out and do my run. It's becoming kind of addicting for me. So I would say make it a priority to stick it out for the first 2 weeks and see how you feel by then. I'm sure you'll brain will shift from hating it to loving it by then. Best wishes.

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