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Today's the big one - W5D3!

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Gah!!! 20 minutes non-stop?!?!


I'm over 1/2 way through the C25K program, and I can't actually believe that I made it this far!! When I started out I was covering 2.0 - 2.1 miles on a flat field in the half hour sessions, now I'm covering 2.6 miles including hill running.


For today's run (I never thought I would make it to W5D3!) I have enlisted some of my friends to come out with me this evening. We are going to do a nice long warm-up with some intervals thrown in up a steep 1/2 mile path up a large hill, taking a few minutes to take in the gorgeous 360 degree views, then starting the 20 minute run down the gentle sloping path on the other side and then around a slightly hilly path at the bottom.


Wish me luck, I'll report back when I finish!

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Sooo.... I did it!!! 20 minutes running, without walking! We would have kept going, except we got a bit lost and needed to check the GPS to see how to get back to where we started lol.


That felt absolutely amazing, if you would have told me 6 weeks ago that I would be running for 20 minutes straight there is no way that I would have believed you!


The stats from strava were inspiring too, we did 1k in 5:55 and 1 mile in 10:05!


My weekly 5k is tomorrow morning, and the 2 friends that I ran with today are coming with me, as well as my 2 older kids and boyfriend. Bring on that sub-40 time!!

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