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Will I F**k up again...?


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Just fount this app and thought I´d give it a try. I really wanna be able to run 5k. I have had problems with my shins for as long as I can remeber and I am carrying waay to many kilos. I've had the routine to start things but then always fall through.. Such a quitter when it comes to my body! Now I'm GONNA make it!! I'M GONNA!!!! :P  And I'm gonna do it for me!!!! Me, myself and I!!!


Hope you make it as well!!

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Guest TrishE


Creating a new healthy lifestyle for yourself is almost more mental than it is physical. Youre attitude now about starting is great!! i wish you the best of luck in the program. We are all here for help and encouragement if need be :)

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You can do it AnnicaK. You got this. So proud of you. I know you are so excited to do this for yourself and IT IS all about you and noone else.


Please do refrain from the swear words in your titles as we all still know what it means, lol. Just say mess up instead.


Keep it up!!!!!! Woohoooooooooo!!!!

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